Thursday, December 23, 2010

When Fog Lifts
Loosing sight.It's not all numb underneath

It is nearing the end of 2010,very cold outside....I have 2 small 12by 12 quilts in the Chappaqua library along friends of SAQA NY,and my quilt "When Fog lifts" was chosen through SAQA to participate in the Beyond Comfort show in Birmingham England this Aug 2011.I am very excited!
I am working on a piece inspired by a black and white photo of my grandfather(mom's father) blowing a Shofar for the high holidays back in the early 60 s in South Afrika.
Earlier this year I gave a chuppah I made for my cousin in Framingham MA, who is getting married soon.I am glad it has a new home.
Most pieces I made during 2010 are small, accept for my "spring" piece.It seems to work with the hectic flow of life,although I prefer to work bigger.
I want to wish everybody happy holidays and a Happy new year!

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