Saturday, September 12, 2015

After summer recovery in Pennsylvania, I can show you some work in progress of Sea and land.
I decided to concentrate on these colors, and one idea led to another, this was the best therapy after back surgery( thanks to my dear husband for making it possible)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Even though I posted last May, it seems I was neglecting this blog in favor of Facebook.
That is not my intention.Last May I was lucky to get awards for 2 of my quilts at the Northern Star Quilt Guild annual show in Somers NY. Here it is :S'deh Boker:
This is in the Negev, desert area in the south of Israel.I decided to extend the border in the bottom and continue the mountains in the shear fabrics below which was a challenge once I tried to sew them.

Another quilt that won 2 awards was the "Tamara, tomorrow you are at the laundromat",celebrating 100 years to the kibbutz
Hope you can see the details of Hebrew words on top depicting the various jobs, as well as the many names of kibbutzim in the lower part.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Red and Green

This past L-O-N-G winter  produced some interesting work.
I challenged myself to create with Green and red fabrics.As I had a mental block I sat facing the back window.The simple silhouette of the back building,with fears dark clouds above them said: A Storm is Coming.
                                         A Storm is Coming

Friday, November 22, 2013

Finally, here is my Jerusalem quilt:"Stones of Witness".

Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Guild NSQG in Somers NY just had a great quilt show.This was my first time being responsible together with my friend Maria of hanging the show and taking it down after 2 days.Really ,Maria was the brain behind it all,thank you Maria!!!!!
This was such a humbling experience to see this huge production put together, many hours of planning,  and a lot of work, all volunteer, but it is worth it!
I had a few pieces in the show,which gave me such pleasure to see them hanging along other really great quilters and artist's work.
I was finally done with my triptych :"When Blossom Ends".It started as one of those airplane projects, I mean some applique work that makes you relax and makes your flight go fast.I had so much fun using some of these precious Japanese fabrics.

I participated with the Landscape group creating landscape travel posters,
And I do love to travel
Here are my Yafo,Israel,
and Sach'neh,near Kibbutz Nir David,Israel

Now it is time to travel to Canada. I will participate in this coming quilt show  in Ailsa Craig quilt Festival (Ontario).
They are featuring Israel in this year's show.I am proud to be part of the Israeli Quilter Association ,and honored to be invited to exhibit and teach quilt workshops,it's going to be awesome!