Monday, October 11, 2010


Rosa and me,Madrid.
From Right:My sister Ofra , my mom Channa and me, Hertzelia Israel.
Banias ,in The Golan ,North of Israel

This is long last entry was in May,and so many things happened since:
At the end of May, my good friend Sally Hoffman passed away...I was so sad to loose Sally.
She was a good friend in many ways and she was the one I could consult with when I was stuck with my art work.She had a great aesthetic sense of color , and composition, also a great photographer. I was so happy and honored she came to see the quilt show.
In June I was lucky to visit Spain and my good friend Rosa welcomed me at her house in the mountains in Candelario. The Camera was very busy,lots of inspirational photos!
Then I visited Israel and my family there,more photos.....if it weren't for the intense heat I could say it was heaven.
My sister and I worked on several quilting/sewing projects(next to the AC),even made our mom a special fancy quilted bag.
Now that I switched from PC to Mac new computer,my job is to learn all about it ,quite challenging for me.
It took an effort to get into the motion of quilting my own work again,but now it's happening.
I started with a challenge to myself to include this ugly fabric in my latest piece called Storm.
now that I got it out of my system I can share some beautiful pictures from my Summer trip.
Shannah Tova,Tami.

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