Saturday, April 28, 2012

As I am working on my Jerusalem latest quilt so many thoughts are going through my head.
Some about different times I walked there,sketched ,photographed , enjoyed the special scents and food, others are about family visits in Jerusalem.
                                                          Next year in Jerusalem       1993
A Prayer for Peace       1997
I cannot yet share the photo of this quilt ,but here are 2 OLDER quilts of Jerusalem:
 Just before my wedding,we took my  in laws to the old city and of-course came back with this great photo,hence the inspiration for  a watercolor study,it lay under the bed,was almost forgotten,eventually that inspired a pictorial quilt.Working on that quilt changed my stash forever.I had to have every variety of olive green...that was early 90s. Different style from the current work.
The 2 nd was a 1997 N.S.Q.G. challenge of using plaids,Orange and birds.

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