Sunday, December 18, 2011

Chanuka is almost here,
I am busy with Various projects.Last night I finished working on the Chai- House quilt which was a group effort with my friends from the house,initiated and organized by my friend Abbe Marcus.She started the vision,the girls chose the fabrics,the design ,traced their hands,and stenciled different motives.....and the quilt idea was born.
I am finally adding the letter to my grandfather's quilt,the one he blows the shofar,I am so excited about it,especially that now my mother will get to see the quilt in person as it is going to a show in Israel:"Memories",organized by the Israeli quilters association.
The Kibbutz quilt got a 3rd place ,and will be in another group show in Israel and in Birmingham UK quilt show Summer 2012,yes!!!!!
Now I am working on a Jerusalem piece,it is very exciting for me,you will have to be patient for pictures of this one,sorry.
Happy Holiday and Happy new year for 2o12!

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