Sunday, October 26, 2014

Even though I posted last May, it seems I was neglecting this blog in favor of Facebook.
That is not my intention.Last May I was lucky to get awards for 2 of my quilts at the Northern Star Quilt Guild annual show in Somers NY. Here it is :S'deh Boker:
This is in the Negev, desert area in the south of Israel.I decided to extend the border in the bottom and continue the mountains in the shear fabrics below which was a challenge once I tried to sew them.

Another quilt that won 2 awards was the "Tamara, tomorrow you are at the laundromat",celebrating 100 years to the kibbutz
Hope you can see the details of Hebrew words on top depicting the various jobs, as well as the many names of kibbutzim in the lower part.

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